AGES 4 -6

Classes are focused on letting these energetic kids have fun, make friends and start to develop some basic martial art skills.

The 30-minute class involves fitness, Taekwondo techniques and interaction with senior instructors.

Children develop listening skills, awareness and discipline through interaction with their instructors and fellow class members in a safe and friendly gym environment. 

LITTLE legends

AGES 7 - 10

At this age their confidence is starting to show or has yet to come to the surface.

The ‘Little Legends’ class helps to bring out the
personalities of your child surrounded by fellow class mates and Senior Instructors whilst learning and practicing Taekwondo.

Concentration and perseverance play key roles at this age and we encourage our students to further themselves to bring out the best in themselves.


AGES 11 - 14

They have developed into great kids, but still need that extra
encouragement to develop their confidence or bring to life their
talents. Students in this class range from 11 – 14 years.

Finalising your last years in primary school and transitioning into high school can be a hard time on children. Understanding the martial art will assist them with confidence in front of others to complete tasks.


AGES 15+

Young and mature adults find the benefits of keeping fit and learning self-defence are extremely important in life.

With classes built around cardio, flexibility, self-defence and Taekwondo techniques, our Senior class is the perfect combination for an active adult looking to improve their life skills.


AGES 10+

Sparring is an official Olympic sport, which is governed by the World Taekwondo (WT).

At Tans Currumbin we encourage participation in Sparring classes for all grades. Whether you wish to participate in competitions or not, our sparring classes are available 3 nights a week.

Tans Currumbin has produced a number of National champions and International medallists.




AGES 15+

Hapkido is a Korean martial art that focuses on dynamic movement to control an attacker, primarily through the use of grappling and hyperextension techniques.

Kicks, punches, and other striking attacks are taught which are both similar and different from Taekwondo. Traditional weapons, including the sword, walking cane, short stick, and staff (pole) is all taught in Hapkido.